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Online Slots: Main Terminology Explained

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This article is addressed to fans of slot machines of various configurations. Slots are completely different, but the principle of their work is not too different. Knowledge of professional gaming terminology will greatly facilitate your game and make the gameplay more informed. We invite you to get acquainted with the most popular terms of slots, which are used both in real and in virtual institutions.

Slot Machine Terminology

A coin denomination is the ability to select the number and denomination of coins to bet on a round.

Pay line - the line along which the symbols of the slot are located. The number of lines can be completely different (from 1 to 20 or more).

Multipliers - slot machines with bonus multipliers that give players a bonus when playing at the maximum bet.

One-armed bandit is the old name for gaming machines that were installed in real casinos. The name appeared because of the lever, pulling by which the players started the drums.

The payout cycle of wins. Some slot lovers believe that slot machines have a cycle according to which they give out wins of a certain size. In fact, there is no cycle, because all paid combinations are generated by a computer, which cannot be affected.

Paytable - a table in which all paid combinations of symbols with payout ratios are indicated. Such a table is in every game. We recommend that you read the payout information before the game to find out which combinations are the highest paid.

Jackpot - the maximum win that can be obtained on a particular slot.

The progressive jackpot is a huge amount that accumulates on the devices of the same company. Such slots can be installed in different countries and even in different institutions. The progressive jackpot is accumulated due to bets of all players who play on it. That is why such jackpots have an impressive size, greatly heating the interest of casino customers. You can visit to get more info.

Wild symbols (Wild) - symbols that replace other symbols of the machine, except for special ones. Thanks to wild symbols, you can get a bigger win, which, of course, like the players.

Scatter Symbols - symbols that make up a paid combination, regardless of where in the game screen they are located. That is, it is not necessary for the combination to be paid, for the symbols to line up on the same payline. Free spins - free spins that start when a certain combination occurs.

Multispin - the ability to run multiple spins in one game.

Knowing the terminology, you can easily navigate the nuances of the game process and be able to create your own strategy for winning real money. Follow the basic recommendations and learn all aspects of the gameplay of online slots.

This will help you understand every nuance and increase your win statistics. Make your first deposit and start gambling activity. This will help you to start your journey to the top of the gaming art.

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